Sunday, January 13, 2008


Don't you just love a good letter from a friend? The art of letter writing isn't as popular as it once was, with email today and text messaging, who writes letters anymore? I do! I prefer to keep in touch with old friends, the old fashioned way, on pretty papers and special stationary, because I would hate to think that this way of corresponding will fade. I like email for the speed or ease, but there is something fun about opening the mailbox to find a letter tucked in with the bills and bull. This months Victoria magazine has a article on journaling and writing the old way, even the cover alone makes me want to write a letter or two! No matter the cost of postage, I will always make time to write letters and I hope you will too!
My valentine card swap is well under way, we have begun crafting our cards for shipment on the first, and I'll be sharing photos here of the lovely art soon to come. I'm really excited about this swap, such sweet correspondence for a sweet holiday! I hope your first couple weeks into the new year have been good to you. I promised myself I would post more often this year, no stress, just keeping in touch better with all my blogging buddies, the new age of correspondence I guess you could call it? But life does seem to take over at times. My father in law just found out that he has colon cancer and it's spread to 60% of his liver. He starts chemo soon to maintain it till they can operate. We lost my mother in law 2 years ago, so his will might be to join her, we will see. I pray for whatever he wishes.
I did start my belly dance DVD that I got and wanted for Christmas. I've heard alot of good things about this workout, mainly that it is low impact and great for the lower back. So I was game. I'm not expecting to be a real belly dancer by no means, but I do want to lose some weight this year and this workout is easy, fun and I can see how it tones the back already! No mental pictures please.....
So, winter is on, but it's not normal. Missouri had 24 tornado's come though the other night, thankfully none close to me, but we did get the high winds and rain. All were low in rating but bad enough to do some damage and claim 2 lives. Mother Nature must be really mad at us for destroying the planet! I hope your all safe, warm and loving life. Happy Blogging!


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