Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Stuff

Oh, how the days need to be longer! The rush is on already, and I'm trying to catch up with myself, ever feel like that? So much to do, but I'm finding a little blogging goes a long way, my time to relax and de-stress from my to do list.
My daughter in law, Melissa is hosting a ornament swap, so if your interested, please check out her neat blog at and sign up, it'll make her day to get a nice round number and meet some new bloggy buds! Our weather is starting to feel like Christmas, we have our first snow in the forecast for Saturday, a busy day with one grand daughter having her dance recital and both her and her cousin in a church play that night, so I hope the snow will allow us to get to both events. Alot of neat stuff is going on in blogland too, with all the festive pages of decorations, recipes and giveaways, it's like peeking inside to see how you will be spending the holidays, so much fun! Now, if I can remember where I saw that yummy recipe for white fudge? The Christmas cards are coming in daily now and it's a treat to go to the mailbox, don't you just love getting Christmas cards? I've been looking around town for a angel tree, as I always grab one or two names off the tree to buy for a needy child, but the last couple of years the angel trees are harder to find. My bank used to have one out for display, this year I had to ask, they have the names tucked away in a drawer. I miss the Christmas tree decorated with wishes from children of all ages, you can't resist with such a eye stopper. Sad to see they have no time to put up a little tree of hope. But I have a little 2 yr. old boy to buy for this year, should be easy since I have a grandson the same age. So, when your out shopping please look for a angel tree where ever you go, and make a child a little happier this year. More Christmas stuff to come!


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