Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Crunch

How are we all doing? Are you ready for Christmas yet? I'm just about there, still got to finish up the grandkids and figure out the menu, buy the food and prepare to cook early since were having a holiday lunch this year. I'm also making a few things this year and I've got to wrap them up soon. Each of the grandkids are getting cozy flannel pillow cases in cute material to match each sweetie's personality. Trucks are Dominik, princess cats for Chloe and something dance for May. Claire is too young so next year for her. Oh, and the baking began this week with more to come almost daily till the big event. Does anyone know of a good diet? I've been pretty good, I love to bake and usually don't eat most of it, just a taste here and there! lol Our Etsy store has started to pick up, and we have alot of neat ideas in store for the New Year so if you buy handmade keep checking us out. I'm also a proud member of Farmgirl Flair Esty team, a wonderful mix of talented ladies from all over, check out our blog at
I hope your all hanging in there and enjoying the season at it's best! Bloggers know how to show their spirit too, so enjoy Christmas blog style, alot have opened their homes to us so take a peek! Merry Christmas !!


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