Thursday, November 29, 2007

Updates and the Cutest Coke

Isn't that little bottle of coke just the cutest thing ever! And I found it at Walmart of all places, I don't drink soda anymore but I sure can use it as decoration! Time for some updates, has everyone who joined in the Christmas cookie cuttter swap got theirs mailed off or/and have gotten their new cutters yet? I've heard from a few, but a gentle reminder never hurts. It's been a fun swap and I've got a day of cookie baking planned with the girls soon.
I've also got a update on our house for those who ask now and then, the lady who made the offer asked for extension, she had to put her Mom in a nursing home and she's not doing well, plus her house hasn't sold yet, and she still wants our place, so we signed the extension till April. Were not out a thing, the house is still on the market so we didn't see any harm in giving her more time, she doesn't need the stress of losing the home she loves during this hard time. We really thought we'd be moved by now, but were warm, dry and safe so we wait for better timing. The housing market isn't the best either so hopefully next year it will be better for all. So, that is where we are, I started decorating the house over the weekend and little by little I'll get it done. I hope to get the real tree for the living room this weekend when I'll have more time to get the whole house trimmed! I just love this time of the year! Our big Christmas craft fair is this weekend too, gotta go to that! Our Etsy store is coming along, got another order on Sunday and I'm hoping to get more things made soon for that too! My new tradition at Thanksgiving was a win over, I passed around a graditude journal for all to jot down what they are thankful for this year and everyone was eager to write a few lines, some wrote pages! Even my 6 year old grand daughter wrote what she was thankful for, one thing was us! Let me know when your all showing off your own homes all decked out so I can see too! Happy decorating to all!!


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