Monday, October 29, 2007

Victoria is here!

I'm so excited, I found a copy of Victoria at Walmart over the weekend and I couldn't wait to get it home, pour a cup of tea and relax with it! It was like a trip back in time, I was thrilled to see a article on Tasha Tudors clothing too, I love anything Tasha! I'm so happy this fine magazine has returned to grace our homes and lives. I plan on keeping all the issues to save for my granddaughters, so they may have them to reflect upon and treasure just as much as I do! If you haven't gotten yours yet or are new to this publication, look for it, you won't be dissappointed, it just brings out the english in me!
Today my baby turns 23, and I'm proud to say he's turned out to be such a gentleman, a fine man and youth pastor. I am SO blessed! I made him his favorite cake, a carrot cake, a new recipe from a new magazine. Check out my Cozy Country link for the recipe. Special occasions demand special treatment so whenever I can bake from scratch and not a box, I do! This cake smells wonderful, but I did find it only needed one can of pineapple, so if you do try it, keep that in mind, a little!
You still have a couple of days left to sign up for my giveaway, just look for the post below. I'm catching up on all your blogs too, finding a fall theme so refreshing and I've come away with some new ideas too, thanks to all you crafty gals! Off to frost the cake before Oprah!


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