Thursday, October 25, 2007

Almost 200

I can't believe I'm only one post away from 200 strong! So, to mark this occasion I'm having a 200 post giveaway, just leave a comment right here to be entered, I'll be taking names till Halloween eve! Not sure what the prize will be, but I'll find some of the goodies I have tucked away for times like this, so good luck!
Well, were back to one offer on the house, the second one was just too low, so were back to waiting for the first offer to sell her place in Illinois. And the weather has teased us with fall and now reminding us that winter isn't too far off, finally had to turn the heater on and order propane, and it's so high already, I hate to see what the price will be in Jan. if only we had wood heat, I sure do miss it! Well, this has to be short and sweet, and all giveaways are, but I've been so busy this week and with next week looking to be the same, this chick is pooped! But I'll be here and there, so hang in there with me! I've missed reading everyones blogs but I'll catch up soon, ta ta till then!


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