Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Busy as a bee!

This is the trail I've been on for the last week or so, leaving me little time to blog but I thought since some of you have been asking, I'd update you while I had a chance! It's been a busy time here, and extremely hot to boot! But glad to report that our 2 week record breaking heat wave is over and we even got some rain, finally! During this dry spell, our house that is on the market broke it's dry spell too. We hadn't had a house hunter in over 2 weeks then out of the blue, our realtor brings a lady out to see the house, she's from Ill. and had no plans to buy a house on her vacation, but after coming out twice she made a offer, one that we took, but she needs to sell her house first, back in Ill. So, most of the running around is over for the time being, and I can hopefully be on the computer more now, I've been cutting back since we have dail up and the realtor couldn't get through a few times. But it's a perfect match, she loves old homes, used to them and the oddity of them at times and she is avid gardener too so my flowers and herbs will be well taken cared of. We are happy. I just hope her home sells in decent amount of time, she does hope to retire here in Nov. so keep your fingers crossed for us. And we still have a good chance to get the house we love, it's being rented out now on a month to month basis so we are contenders! What a week, the heat broke, it rained and we finally got a offer after almost 4 months on the market! So, now I can catch up on everyones blog and hopefully post more than I have been. I know summer is a busy time for all, but I am looking forward to fall and all it brings with it, mainly cooler weather and maybe a new home! Blessings to all!


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