Thursday, May 14, 2015

See, I have been busy!

                 This is proof how one thing can lead to another, or in this case, a whole new look! Our kitchen floor was getting "spongy" in spots, and after this winter, seemed to be worse, so we thought we had better take a look. Since the vinyl flooring we laid 7 yrs. ago had some wear and a tear from the last repairman, we were prepared to lay all new. After 3 layers under what we laid, we found a rotten joist, so that got replaced along with a sister beam for added support. That took up the first day, and the dust was EVERYWHERE!
We went with a laminate flooring that would be more durable, so since the wood grain pattern had some streaks of black in it and I have been wanting to paint the worn cabinets for years, I went for it and painted the cabinets black with chalk paint that I made from a recipe on Pinterest. I wasn't about to pay $30 or more for a quart of premade when it only cost me $12 to make one. And I LOVE chalk paint, it really does cover anything and with no prep, no sanding, I had 2 coats on them in a matter of days! Where has chalk paint been all my life??
         From there came a new window, another on my wish list, now I can see out, which makes me feel taller and I can open it without the use of a stool! I knew I wanted some barn wood in this makeover so I had my handyman husband make a frame around the window with old wood and above too, really sets off my vintage pendant light and Edison bulb! So, while we were this far in, I changed the back splash also, why not! I used planks of wainscoting that could be cut to fit, the whole back splash only cost me $30. I painted it a antique white, we also put it around the cabinet that houses the microwave, painted it black. We also made and painted all new baseboards black to tie it all in, and the icing on the cake here is my little table in the middle that I painted and distressed the antique white, it did have a old maple finish but this is just perfect! The only things left alone were the boarder and wall color but this make over gave me my farm style kitchen, until the real one comes our way!

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