Friday, March 06, 2015

Dining on Delicious

            Hard work does pay off! For the last few months I have been trying to hack into my own account, for some reason I couldn't access it no matter what I did, but I kept at it and finally yesterday, I got it straightened out, I hope! While I've been gone, all my free time has been fine tuning my other blog, the food blog! Inventing recipes, cooking, taste testing and learning the tricks of food photography, has all been daunting but I'm learning, as I go! Maybe one year, I can hire a website designer and turn over all this stuff to them but for now, I'm on my own.
      I do have my facebook, twitter and google plus accounts all set up for the food blog, that was a huge lesson in being social but needed to get the word out. Last week, I made this amazing pie, you won't believe what is in it, and for the record, you can't taste the pinto beans! Check out the chocolate pinto bean pie I came up with, being thrifty pays off! Now that I have my account back, I'll be back, fair warning, with more recipes to dine on delicious!

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