Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Growth and Graditude

                   Yes, I'm still here, been working on my website, I'm going dot com with my newspaper articles/own recipes and chasing that dream of becoming a food blogger! I've secured a name and domain and I'm using the word press format to post, I'm learning as I go and finding it harder than I thought but I'm not giving up!! I've had several people tell me I should write a cookbook, so hopefully this way will be a bit easier to start with, since I'm self taught here! Your never too old to learn something new, with that said, I do feel like the Julia Child of the food bloggers, getting a late start but it is what it is! Wish me luck!
     2015 is already proving to be a busy year, we have our 7th grand baby due in August plus son #2 is getting married sometime this year, so we will be adding 3 to our family this year alone, I think we will need a bigger house, that will make us at 20 now! It might be time to find that big ole farmhouse of my dreams too!
     My sweet hubby got me a new camera for Christmas, he called it a investment so I've been learning how to use it so I can take better shots of food for my website, and make my sweet husband proud! Sometimes you just got to go for it, so keep a eye out for the reveal soon! Busy is the new sexy!

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