Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Tis the Season....

          Here we are, the final few weeks of the year and my blog is messed up! Ever since connecting it to Google Plus, there's no way for comments to be left here or even a setting for me to correct that? So, after the holidays, I'll be re-vamping this blog into something new and hopefully exciting for 2015! On the bright side, my Google Plus page has over 4 million hits since I started it over 6 months ago! Got to love stats!!
     I've had one amazing year!! We gained a grand daughter and son in law, making our family a grand total of 19, 20 if you count Ruger, and we do!  My personal life has exploded in creative ways to express myself, and after decades of wishing, my writing gig came true! I'm enjoying writing about cooking and gardening in my local newspaper, I've got so many ideas to run with! My photography still keeps my eye on everything, it really has changed the way I see the world, insight is 20/20!
    Family and friends continue to bless our life, good health is something you must work at, in this age bracket and chasing those dreams can be reachable! I hope everyone has a memorable year to share, even the small things can turn into big blessings! Merry Christmas!!

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