Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Gardeners Unite!

              I recently read a negative editorial on gardening, this editor went on in great length about all the work, pain, complaints and found everything wrong with gardening, he wasn't even happy to get the harvest, too much work! This kinda offended me, and got to wonder what kind of person would bash a farmer? I took offense and I only supply food for our family, but it's a labor of love!
     With the new age movements making gardening and homesteading hip again, I'm using my blog to encourage MORE to garden! Everyone likes to eat, and you haven't eaten a true tomato until you've had a heirloom tomato that farmers grew in the 1800's, with no chemicals, that's real food! Am I a farmer, heck no, but I do feed my family from a garden, eggs from the coop and I'm aiding Mother Nature by supplying host plants for butterflies and bees. The beauty I'm adding by planting flowers is adding to our home investment and it makes me happy! The herbs I grow are used for medicine, cooking, cleaning, and pest control. We are organic and it's working, so maybe I am a farmer of sorts? There is alot more to gardening than complaining about the sore back, the weeding or the bugs, it's a way of life, one that we can trust and have faith in. The weather, on the other hand, is a beast of it's own, and that is the biggest obstacle this season.


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