Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dreams are Catchable!

              It seems this year might be going my way, regardless of the record breaking bad winter, proving that dreams are catchable and do come true! I'm learning the older I get, the more I need to just go for it! This age group allows me the freedom to chase my dreams and passions, it's a wonderful ego booster!
As you know, my photography passion went public last fall, and it's blooming...slowly but surely! It's not my part time job but full time passion, I don't believe in charging hundreds of well earned dollars for photos, I charge a mere fee for preserving memories, most of which goes for gear and gas.
    Ever since I could spell, I wanted to be a writer, that fire has dimmed over the years, sparked here and there but the embers have always kept the fire warmed. My blog has been a relaxed place to share my thoughts, stoking the fire in a way. I've been published online and in a few home press publications to my credits, plus yearly journals but now I can say I've made the daily print press! I'm writing a weekly food article for our city newspaper: The West Plains Daily Quill! I love the research, the assignments and the deadline to push my pencil to the limits! Not sure how long this gig will last, but I'm enjoying the ride! I was born to be creative, in many forms, and I'm proof it's never too late to be who you really are! So, don't stop chasing those dreams, just when you thought you'd never catch them, you do!!


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