Monday, February 24, 2014

Rescued & Recycled

        It was a pre-spring like weekend so I took full advantage of the warm weather and got a couple of DIY projects crossed off my to do list! A couple of weeks ago, I spotted a old whiskey barrel in a burn pile, so I asked the owner if I could have it, I could but when I tried to load it, the whole thing fell apart like a blooming onion! But, I picked up all the pieces and a light bulb went off brightly! The bottom was in great shape considering it had been a planter but I was visioning a new cutting board! My handy man sanded it down to new grain for me, and after a few applications of mineral oil, it came to life! A new life as a bread board! I love the end result and I'm on the hunt to find more! As for the rest of the barrel, those parts are tucked away for other uses, nothing goes to waste!
     It was also a good time to paint, and if you've used chalkboard paint, you know it's best to apply it outside! I bought this vintage bread box at a yard sale many years ago, only paid $2 for it but hid it in a closet till inspiration hit, and it did! I've also wanted to paint clay pots for my herbs, and since my rosemary cuttings from last fall needed transplanting, and I had the chalkboard paint out, that task was complete too! So, I guess you can say, my kitchen made  out this weekend, and do did it! We are back to winter this week but so much closer to spring and more projects, there's always one more project!


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