Saturday, December 07, 2013

Christmas Corners

              This is how I spent my black Friday and the Thanksgiving weekend to boot, topped off by a couple of snow days and now my house is all ready for Christmas! I like to change it up from year to year but I always manage to "over do it", just a tad!
       But, I love Christmas and the whole family will gather here so I do it for the grand kids too!
          The kitchen gets decked, with my gingerbread collection. Spicy and good, nothing beats a warm gingerbread man fresh from the oven. Gingerbread girls are tasty too!
        One of my greatest finds is my $20 hutch and a can of paint, this piece has seen every holiday and season for 3 years now, but it's Christmas when it shines the brightest! From my home to your home!


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