Monday, October 28, 2013

A Country Coop

           Hard to believe those cute little chicks are all grown and producing eggs daily now. Thought I'd share a shot of their coop, it's almost done, working on winterizing it now. My handy man ( hubby) did a awesome job yet again at taking my idea and making it come to life. The big white box on the side is a feed bin, it's big enough to hold 2 bales of straw and the feed can, the nest boxes sit next to that, all accessible from the outside, so the only reason I have to go in the coop is to feed and water them. The girls like their privacy and Rooster Cogburn gets very protective of them at times!
     It's a treat having fresh eggs each day, excellent for baking and all extras get passed out to family, share the bounty! More pumpkin recipes tomorrow, we should get one or two in before we change the calender and start preparing for Thanksgiving, then! Anyone up for a Christmas swap?


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