Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Meet Ruger!

                 I'm sorry guys for not posting my Tasty Tuesday yesterday, it's been a little crazy here, with bad storms in the area that caused me to unplug yesterday! As you remember, we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog in March, the hardest thing we've done! Since we've always had a dog, the house was feeling really empty so I started the search on the Boxer rescue sites, hoping to find one close by, no luck. Thanks for Facebook and a weekly status in search of one, a friend said she knew of someone who had boxer/mastiff pups, well, a light went off! We were wanting a boxer for it's size, since we've had a couple of Mastiffs, so we went out and looked at them. This guy comes right up to me, licks my leg and starts to tug on my dress. Now, keep in mind, all day I was thinking of names even before looking at the 4 pups she had left, Ruger keep popping in, so when the owner said this guy was the feistiest and she called him a pistol, well, that confirmed his name for sure!!! We go pick him up later today!!!

             The baby chicks are still in the house, we've been working on the coop every waking/good weather day so hopefully they can be moved out side this weekend, not sure how a puppy will get along with a dozen chicks? lol  Wish us luck, we haven't raised a puppy in over 30 yrs. so this should be fun!


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