Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I'm in a Funk!

                I'd like to blame this crazy weather for the funk I'm in and maybe I will, but the start of the new year has proven to be a challenge, from wacked out weather, to the lay off and back again, to losing the best dog I"ve even known, all has me in a funk/rut! We had to say our final goodbyes to our English Mastiff 10 days ago. Louie was a rescue dog we saved from a bad foster home, he was the dog no one wanted, but one look online at his profile, I knew I had to have him, even if it meant to Nashville to get him! And that's what we did, after passing inspection, getting approved, we met the rescue leader half way in Nashville, we had to rent a van to haul him home, he was so big!! Louie was just misunderstood, he was 16 mo. old and branded as a trouble maker but lots of love turned that dog into a amazing creature, one that I'm honored to have known, and loved! He was 12 in November, his hips and back legs were robbing him of mobility and comfort, we choose to give him the gift of not getting worse. Never easy, always sad but I wouldn't trade the last 10 yrs. for nothing!! He is sadly missed and our home is empty but our hearts have room to do it all over again, a house isn't a home without a dog!! RIP Louie!!


  1. Hello Sue,
    I am so sorry about your sweet doggie. And yes, this has been a weird Spring so far. We have this glare almost every day. It makes your eyes hurt. I am trying hard to stay on track for the planting coming up. Potatoes are going to be a big thing, they grow so well here.
    We are in drought conditions so far. I made a cake today from scratch and ate a piece of it to cheer me up :)
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. So sad...you intitled to be in a funk...a blue funk...HUGS

  3. Girl I just knew your heart was breakin over missing your special friend... I feel for you I truly do! I've never lived with such a "large" dog like Louie was... I bet that was quite an experience. grin. Like BATHtime! haha -- Im glad you already have decided to adopt another new friend. I know it could never take Louies place but ... they bring such JOY and companionship. I look forward to seeing what finds you! :) Love ya girl

  4. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Ahhh, I'm so sorry for your loss. I recently (about a month ago) had to put to sleep our cat who had a heart problem we never knew about until he became deathly ill. It was a week of 24/7 care, many doctor and specialist visits, and trying to fight the only choice we could make. Of course you realize that ending their suffering is all you can do and it breaks your heart.

    He was a kitten when we saved his Mom and siblings. Now they walk around the house "crying" for him. Everyone needs extra love and more attention. When he was sick, his Mom would lay beside him, wrap her tail around him, and cry.

    Years ago, we had a St. Bernard for 13 years. I think big dogs get a bad rap and are misunderstood. Their puppy years are just more intense because of their size, but they are really sweethearts.

    It is wonderful to hear that you gave Louie such a good life and happy home.

    This year will get better!



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