Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly Woes!

                   A week is only 7 days long, but can sure feel like a season at times! In the last week, we've went from a spring time tease, to a Ozark ice storm, leaving us with over a inch of ice on everything! Thankfully, we never lost power or spirit as winter tries to remind us that this season isn't over yet!  In the aftermath, a special kind of beauty covered the landscape in a icy tomb, moisture of this kind will soak in the ground like Miracle Grow in spring! Mother Nature is truly awesome!

       I wanted to thank you all for the prayers regarding my husband being laid off, I have a happy report to share on that front, he got a job this last week at a smaller welding shop, the pay is alot less and he has to learn another way of welding ( from metal to plastic) and there is no insurance but it's a job! We are thankful for this lead, living in a small town, the opportunities are limited but we will see where this leads, for now, it will pay the bills.

      And now, back to spring time thoughts and planning! While my husband was at home, he got the garden tilled and potatoes and onions are in the ground! Our summer forecast is predicting another hot and dry summer so we are taking the old timers advice and getting the garden in early to beat the drought. It will be interesting to test this theory!

       The sun shines today, the ice is melting and a brand new week awaits! Hoping yours is blessed with all things bright and beautiful! Thank you for visiting, you are AWESOME!!!


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