Monday, February 11, 2013

Day Dreaming

            I can feel it coming on, the fever, to get outside and play in the dirt/garden! Mother Nature is tossing hints around of a early spring and I'm finding myself feeling left out, we've only had one snow and it was maybe a inch? As the days get longer, the itch to plant gets worse so I'm making up a wish list of projects for 2013, just a way to keep my hands busy! Here goes!

Build a chicken coop from as much recycled materials as possible.
Grow my own moss from a Pinterest recipe.
Plant more flowers for bees and butterflies.
Make a fish pond from a livestock trough.
Grow potatoes in a barrel.
Rig up watering system for rain barrels.

   That's a start and most of these projects can be had by using recycled, found or free materials, perfect for our budget since my husband is out of work, time to get even more thrifty! Thankful for Pinterest and the inspiration it gives me, don't know what I did before it!


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