Saturday, August 04, 2012

Funky Does it!

             So, the heat beats on, keeping me inside like the dead of winter, but I'm trying to stay positive and creative, while being held hostage by nature! I showed my hubby a idea I found over at Funky Junk Interiors and had him copy it for our outhouse bathroom, it came out perfect! This hangs on the wall, right next to the toilet, easy storage and in plain sight, in case guests run out, they don't have to peek in my cupboards, freeing  up room to store other things! lol
    And, how are you all doing? Ready for fall yet? Needless to say, I AM!!!  Staying hopeful that August will bring back our average temps and some rain, soon. We did get a inch last week, and within 2 days, our grass was greening up again, amazing!! Too bad, our garden didn't bounce back, the only thing left to hope for are the peppers and pumpkins, keeping my fingers crossed for a few of each!
     Onto my Christmas in July swap, how are you girls coming along with that? Hopefully, your goodies have been mailed and you've received some in return? I took the swapper from down under so no one else would have to pay the postage on that one, both of ours are in route and I'm excited! Be sure to check in, I can't wait to hear about your swaps!
     Weekend is here, and were heading out to the flea markets with family today, so hang tight and stay cool, the new month brings new hope! And fall is one month closer!!!


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