Monday, July 16, 2012

Garden Fun

          How is your garden doing? It's been challenging here with the extreme heat and lack of rain but the watermelons are doing real good, so I thought I'd have some fun and see if I can make a square melon?  Some years we feel like melon, all boxed in with all sides being challenged, but some how, some way, we will get pass this awful summer! Yep, I'm losing the spirit of the season/summer but one thing is has taught me, to think outside the box, to find ways to garden better next year and save more water, naturally, just in case this pattern returns next year?

       I've partnered us up for the Christmas in July swap, so if you joined, keep a eye on your email for your swap partner and get busy creating something fun with a cooler season in mind!

       Were warming back up, for round two of the extreme heat wave with no rain for 2 weeks now. Our neighbors well went dry and had to drill another, our grass is brown and more tree's are tricked into thinking it's fall, so sad. Well, here's to a little fun in the garden and hoping this trick works, I'll let you know if it does! Happy Gardening and swapping!


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