Sunday, July 01, 2012

Fair Shots

            Here it is July 1, only giving me 2 weeks to get my photography shots ready to enter in the county fair, something I enjoy doing every year. This year though, I'm asking for your help in chosing which photos I should enter, so please be honest, I can take it! The first shot is a old shed in our neighbors field this past spring.
          This beauty of a barn probably dates back to the early 1900's, all hand built and still standing but not in use. I just happened to catch it after a rain storm. I love the details in the stones.
            Another old building I came across that sits along side of a old home, over grown with vines and nature, it still has charm to me!
             This shot was taken just the other day for a FB club I started, we have a photo challenge each month and June was "weathered" so I took a chickory flower and laid it on my deck, love the contrast between the old wood and blue!
              And lastly, the same barn as above but shot in front of the pond, love the reflection. All shots were edited with Pic Monkey.  What do you think, which ones should I enter? And should I edit them differently? I only enter the photography competiton for the judging in hopes to improve my hobby, sure we get paid per place but it hardly covers the cost of enlarging the prints but the thrill of the ribbons is priceless!!
Note: If you click on each photo, you can see the edits much better!! Thank you for helping!!


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