Saturday, July 07, 2012

Christmas in July Swap

                 It's so hot, I'm gonna use the F word: FALL, please hurry!!! I hate being a slave to the weather and more so this summer with the extreme heat and lack of rain, everything is suffering and it's taken it's toll of me! Since I'm stuck inside more, I want to sew, so I thought how about get in the spirit of life and see if we can get enough to do a swap,  Christmas in July!! Why not!!! This swap will be anything handmade and Christmas themed, to tease this mental break down with something cool and fun!! Your handcrafted item can be a apron, tea towel, mug rug, anything your little hands care to create! We will need at least 6 of us, so who wants to join me? I'll leave this open till the 15th and if we get enough, our Christmas swap will ship out by July 25th, the official Christmas in July deadline! lol  So, put on your thinking caps and get in the spirit of giving and sign up! Ho Ho Ho!!

P. S. Many have asked my where to buy the cute little jars, Walmart has them for sure so you should be able to find them elsewhere? They are cute, aren't they!!


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