Monday, June 11, 2012

Garden Giveaway!

            I AM blessed, so very blessed!! Mainly for this love of gardening! It's no longer a hobby or reason to put food by, but a full blown addiction and I'm ok with that!  We have been busy outside, adding a shabby deck to the shabby shed, enlarging the garden and keeping the garden good, which has proved to be another challenging year! Our weather is at least a month ahead with less rain than average years so it makes for a demanding chore but what else would we be doing? I rust when I rest so I'll save that for the winter months!
      As promised, it's time for a giveaway since you lovely people keep following me even when I only post once a week, bless your hearts! So, this giveaway is for you, my family of followers! I celebrate you and my love of gardening with a garden themed giveaway, I'll have the fun of finding something fun for the prize! Just leave me a comment here on this post telling me what your favorite flower is, that's all! I love flowers and I can't wait to hear what your favorite one is! I have too many but I guess if I must pick one, it would have to be petunias, they are so easy, colorful and last all season long! This giveaway is open till June 22, my birthday so it will be easy to remember, since I am getting older here! So, if your a follower of Country Pleasures and you love flowers, your good to go, just leave me a comment and your entered! Here's hoping your day is blooming good!


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