Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Happy Place

            Men have caves, kids have play rooms and I have my shabby shed! We all need a place to go to reclaim our thoughts, our dreams or just to play in the dirt! I've been working/playing here, making it more user friendly and to borrow the phase from a good friend, it's become my happy place!!! Our weather is back to normal, mid to late spring so I've been outside all I can, hoping to catch up on garden chores before summer takes over, and who knows what that season will bring! The garden is in, which means weeding is a daily routine now, but I don't really mind, it's free therapy! With no rain in weeks, I'm watering the containers daily, another chore I don't mind. I started a herbie garden on the side of the shabby shed, first time in containers for me, but I wanted to extend my herb bed and this was a easy way, so we will see how they do! One day, this side of the shed will become a full flower garden, with a greenhouse on the other side. It's still a work in progress or a labor of love....happy hands makes for a happy heart!
          It's Mother's Day, or as my middle son declares "Mum's Day" as it is known in England and Canada! My Mum is no longer with us, but resides in heaven with her mama/daddy, so I know she is happy. Her spirit lives on and she is in my thoughts today even more so. I've been blessed/spoiled by the kids and grandkids but the true gift of today is being a Mom, the best gift ever!!! Hoping and praying your Mother's Day is just as good!


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