Monday, April 30, 2012

Tomato Tales

            We finally got our toms ( we call them by their first name)  in the ground last night, hoping the spikes in the weather will remain normal, but the deed is done! Last year was just a off year for toms, no one had a good crop, were blaming the extreme heat. So, this year, I did my homework and was taken back by all the tomato tips out there, wow! Just who do you believe? Going with my gut here, I'm  trying out some new ideas that just make sense to me, and I thought I'd share some with you, feel free to chime in with your own tomato tips!

Prune or not to prune?
Epsom salts as a fertilizer and pest deterrent?
Sugar in hole for sweeter fruit?
Plant upside down?
Add fish heads to hole?
Plant lying down, the tom, not you! lol
Add coffee grounds to the soil?
Plant basil with toms for better yields?
Add eggshells and aspirin to hole, for better immune system and stronger stalks?

      This is just several tips I found online, and if time allowed, I'm sure I'd find plenty more, but were going with the egg shells and asprin on a few, then I'll plant basil with a couple, marigolds too. Sugar in the hole, why not, can't hurt right? I will also prune one to see if it really makes a difference, and if I had the fish heads, I would try those too, but I might be inviting all the critters to my patch? lol
     One thing is for certain, we only plant heirloom toms!! The taste is pure, nothing else describe it! And I love the fact that I'm planting the same tomato's as they did hundreds of years ago without them being altered in any way, like hybrids are. Plus, the names are entertaining too. We've got: Hillbilly, Box Car Willy, Black Kin, Mortage Lifter, Brandywine to name a few! Soon, salsa and spaghetti sauce will simmer, thanks to Tom!!


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