Monday, April 16, 2012

Grow up!!

            So, how does your garden grow? Probably in the normal fashion, neat and tidy rows in the ground or maybe you prefer raised beds, like I do? Have you gave much thought to vertical gardening? I'm a big fan of any type of trellis, arbor or tower, not only do they add height to your garden but it gives you more growing space or shade for double duty crops. I came across this planter made from a pallet ( Pinterest strikes again) and couldn't keep this to myself! What a wonderful way to recycle, add more growing space and done right, this could make a nice screen or allow the disable to garden again.
      I hope your not tired of my Pinterest plugs, but I can't help it, I've found SO many neat ideas, yummy recipes and more inspiration than I can file away! So, don't say you have no room to garden, there's always room for a few veggies, herbs or flowers! So, grow up!!!


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