Monday, March 19, 2012

Playing with the Monkey!

    Picnik maybe closing next month, but I found a very close second to it: Pic Monkey! I took my camera for a walk earlier, to the field next to us and found some red buds in bloom, I just love them, and by using the awesome editing tools at Pic Monkey, I was able to create this masterpiece, if I may say so! So, even though nothing so far, has come close to Picnik, this free sight is a very close second! See for yourself!
      Spring is a month early here, and it's just beautiful outside, the temps are mild, even warm, the heater has been off for over a week, the windows are open and color abounds everywhere!!! Trees are now beginning to leaf out and the garden is growing AS fast as the weeds, for a change! Rain is plentiful and praised!! Sure hope Mother Nature knows what's she doing!


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