Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Valentines Apron Swap

        I'm still packing away Christmas and trying to get the house back to normal, but I thought I had better mention the next apron swap before time totally got away from me! As you can tell, the next apron swap is all about Valentines day, the holiday of love so this swap is fun, festive and sure brightens up the dreary month of February!  Sadly, the last two swaps left one person without a apron in return so I'm going to have to get tough with my swaps, because it's not fair when one partner keeps her end of the deal and the other doesn't! That's just not right or cool! So, from now on, you must be a follower and you MUST leave me someway to contact you like a active email. And please, don't sign up if you have a slightest doubt of not following through, in fact, another must is making contact with your partner before mailing out the apron. The whole purpose of these swaps is to gain a new friend and a new apron!
      So, with all that said, here we go! If you'd like to join in on this apron swap, leave me a comment on this post only with your email addy. This is a Valentine themed swap so your tuckins should be for that occasion, just a few, nothing fancy or expensive. Deadline to enter is Jan. 15th with the shipping date set for Feb. 1 unless you and your partner come to a understanding if needing more time. Once paired, you will receive your partners name and email addy from me so you can get to know each other some to help you create the perfect apron.
       I've been hosting these apron swaps for a couple of years with little mishaps till now, so let's keep it honest and fun! Thank you to all who did follow through with your swaps, and I hope you will be joining us again! I'm trusting this swap will be just fine!


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