Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Christmas Kitchen 2011

          Tis the season, to deck the halls and make the house merry and bright! I told myself I was going simple this year, but once I dragged out all the tubs of Christmas cheer and got started, something came over me and well, I went overboard again this year! But hey, my grandkids need that wow factor and I so enjoyed it! My gingerbread tree warms my heart and spirits, something about those cute little guys!
     My gingerbread collection spills over onto the hutch in the kitchen, along with my little retro tinsel tree with cookie cutters hanging all about!
        The gingerbread tree divides the kitchen from the dining room a little! But I'll share that room in another post! Even the bathroom got festive, just a hint! lol   It's like eating potato chips..........
         Part of the kitchen counter, or baking central I should say. I used one of my homemade cake stands here to help display some of my sweet decorations,  I'm making more of these for gifts! Back to kitchen for me, I'm baking cookies ( oatmeal and cranberry) plus trying out new recipes for the Christmas menu, my hubby likes this part, he gets first taste! From my Christmas kitchen to yours, happy baking! And if you have your Christmas house on tour, be sure to leave a link here so I can come visit!


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