Saturday, November 05, 2011

Pinning with Purpose

           Are you one of the millions hooked on Pinterest? I am too! But I'm worried that all my pinning may just be for show and even though I have high hopes of making a bunch of cool stuff, will I ever? So, I'm pledging to pin with purpose at least once a month! I can do this and must, my boards are full of neat ideas, great recipes and projects that just beg me to do them! Life is too short just to save boards over flowing with inspiration and not running with it, so let's start our own project run way, link up with me ( I"ll try this gadget one more time) and share your Pinterest project with us! My first pledge is to make a cake stand from plates, giving me a excuse to go on the hunt for thrift store plates and flea market finds that will work for the base, like the photo above from Pinterest. I'm getting started on this today, and hopefully will have a new cake stand to show off soon. Will you pin with purpose with me?


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