Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Face Lift!

                 Aww, autumn arrives tomorrow but it's felt like fall here for the last few weeks, but I took today to give the house a fall face lift so now I can welcome the new season in style! It was almost like Christmas for me, unpacking all the fall decorations, remembering end of season sale items tucked in last minute that are new to my home this year. Awww, got to love this season the best!

       How is your fall apron swap coming along? I've gotten mine and couldn't be more pleased to add another festive apron to the bunch, I'll be decked out for Thanksgiving now! Don't forget, I have a Flickr page  set up for our swaps, so if you'd like to post yours there for all of us to see, that would be great, or share with us on your own blog, just be sure to leave a link here so we can take a peek! Looking forward to all the fall festivals, the pumpkin patch and our annual fall fun nite, and can't forget all the fall baking, which reminds me, I have a batch of pumpkin chip muffins in the oven! Happy Autumn!!!


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