Monday, August 22, 2011

Winter Worries

          No, I'm not skipping seasons here, but with the hint of fall soon approaching, I am thinking ahead to winter some. Right on the heels of the pantry post, I'm making mental lists of items that need to be restocked before the fall baking begins, not to mention the crazy Christmas baking we all do! It's time to watch those sale ads closely and stock up on staples that can be kept in the freezer like flours, oats, and most powered supplies. Coffee has gone up almost a dollar for the brand/kind we use so I'm trying the cheaper stuff and am very satisfied with Cains coffee, we usually drink Folgers Half Caff, easy on my tummy but so far Cains is a happy substitute! Sugar is high also, and thank goodness I don't use a whole lot of it but I still cringe when I have to buy it. No fake stuff for me, I don't trust it and will take my chances with the real, right from the cane sweetness!
     Heating bills are a major concern, with winter being the longest season here, it's always a worry. If you burn wood, and I envy you if you go, start cutting it now and every chance you get so you keep a steady supply of green and seasoned wood. I sure do miss having wood heat, and one day, I will figure out a way to have it! lol We heat with propane, and I'm afraid to see what the price is now, it will only go up!
     Being prepared starts now, so make those lists of supplies that you will need to get through the up coming months and with each grocery shopping trip, pick something up for the pantry that can be crossed off these lists, stock up on paper products whenever on sale, canned goods too. Remember that ice storm that came out of no where last winter, use that thought to inspire you to start thinking ahead now! Make room in the pantry and pass me some popcorn, can't forget the popcorn!


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