Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Fading Summer

            I'm not a season snob, really I'm not, but I am ready for this summer to come to a close and make way for cooler days, bon fires, fall festivals, pumpkins and baking....lots of baking! This summer is fading some, the trees are getting lighter in color, the air isn't so thick and the sky a pretty blue. And petunias are replaced with mums!

          I respect each season for what it brings and savor the time I'm gifted within, but this summer has taxed my garden/harvest, my time spent outdoors and our electric bills, we need a break! Fall is full of promise and maybe that is why I long for it so? It's also a season of the senses: wood smoke in the air, musky leaves,  apple pies and pumpkin butter simmering. It's also time to celebrate home, our havens from the outside world. We decorate like a second Christmas and it brings us joy, a simple joy. I can not imagine living in a place where there were no seasonal change. Life is meant to be celebrated even in nature. Timing is everything and it's time to say farewell to summer...a happy fading summer!


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