Monday, August 15, 2011

Apron Swapper's Reunite!

              I can't wait any longer! The weather has cooled off, mums are for sale and I'm recharged by the hope that fall is near.  So, since it's the middle of August today, I think it's fair to say, it's time to begin my annual fall apron swap! This was a huge hit last year, so I've made it a annual event here at CP. And it's one of my favorite themed apron swaps, next to Christmas.

          So, here goes........if you'd like to join in please leave me a comment on this post only with your email addy so I can get ahold of you with your swap partner. This is a one on one swap, meaning you will have one partner to sew for and swap with.  Each of us will hand make a fall themed apron, since Halloween falls in autumn and if you'd prefer a Halloween apron, you must let me know so I can pair you up with someone who prefers Halloween too. But note, that if there is not enough, you will get a fall apron.  I'm not into Halloween anymore since all the kids are grown and gone, so it's all about fall for me but I know alot of you might prefer Halloween. I aim to please!

         Sign ups begin now and will end on Sept. 1 with the shipping date being Sept. 15th so we have plenty of time to wear them all during my favorite season! Tuck-ins are a must also, I'll let you determine just how much but at least a couple of fall goodies tucked in with your apron will greatly be appreciated by the new owner! Rev up those sewing machines girls, pick out your patterns and get sewing!


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