Sunday, July 31, 2011

Falling for Fall

                I don't like to rush the seasons, and I know I'm gonna get some flack for even mentioning this, but I'm ready for fall! There, I said it! July is finally over, making way for August and I'm praying for kinder weather, I'd be thrilled with average temps at this rate! But August brings hope, the stats show that the high and lows begin to change and I'm holding out for that! July was the hottest July in 110 years here, unreal!!

        Whining helps, so does surfing the web for autumn photos, recipes and decorations, not to mention all the fun fall projects. Stayed tuned for my annual autumn apron swap, that will be later in the month of August so we have pretty new aprons to bring in the new season. There will also be fallish recipes coming your way on Tasty Tuesdays, just to inch our way into my favorite season, one recipe at a time!

         Yep, I'm falling for fall, alot earlier this year, but when your garden life has shorten due to extreme heat, and your energy is just drained from the heat, you have to do something to hang on and I'm thinking ahead to a cooler time, and I'm praying the A/C can keep up! So long July..........


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