Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Quilt

              I've had this project on my mind and tucked away in my files for a very long time!  Shame on me! But all it took was a grand daughter's birthday to inspire me and here is the finished lap quilt, just in time for Chloe's 6th birthday yesterday! She loves it!!  It's a bandanna lap quilt, so easy to make and super fast too, only took me one afternoon! Now, I owe the other grand kids one of their own, will let them pick and choose the colors they want. Chloe leaves on vacation today so it'll be perfect for the trip, in the car or just for nap time! I signed it so she could always remember when she got it, the birthday quilt was a hit!

        Another hit was the cupcakes in a jar, yep, I made one for each child and a few extra for us adults, with the birthday girl having a candle on top of hers! I'm in love with this idea, and it was fun making the layers of goodies, so many possibilities. I started with a cupcake, then brownie, then marshmallows, strawberries, frosting and sprinkles on top! This will be our new birthday tradition!


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