Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm a thrifty kind of girl, and I'm not shy to say so! Give me a few bucks and watch me turn some junk into something useful and fun, mostly at the surprise of many, and I think that is half the fun! lol I may not use my treasures right away, but once a idea comes to mind, I run with it and these two photos are proof of that! The chalkboard was once a park sign, now, before you turn me in for harboring public property, it was left here when we bought the place, I think the former owners used it as dart board? lol  So, I turned it over and painted it with chalkboard paint, now if your a loyal fan of CP, you might recognize it from the kids playroom where it started out, but since I re-did that room and the kids didn't use it much anymore, I put it outside our back door on the deck, where it's pretty much protected under the eves. Now, I have a fun place to greet guests and each season in bright colors and sayings! Hubby made the little bench many moons ago and all the other treasures here were either thrift store of flea market finds. 

           This big spool was a freebie for the hauling, we usually use it as a extra serving table at gatherings, but I wanted a bird station close to the deck for easy viewing, so I  re- purposed the tall birdfeeder and for only $2 each at Walmart, surrounded it with colorful pots that remind me of Fiesta Ware for outside! The birds love it, and I can change out the annuals each year, according to sales, of course!
   So, don't let your outside space go to waste, liven it up with some summer color, and new found treasures!


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