Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shabby Slumber

            Here is my little tour of the bedroom makeover I've been working on, the quilt finally arrived so I dug out the curtains and linens to create what I call "Shabby Slumber".  The before is square one, the brown and aqua theme, one gallon of antique white later and look how lighter it is, I even got brave and painted the closet  doors,( square5) they were a dark stain and really weighing the room done. I love my side of the bed, with photos of my pretty granddaughter's by my side. The shutters were a steal, only $10 a piece, green when I bought them from our local ReStore, they once hung on a historical house in town. I just love them in aqua! Buy the thriftiest find ever was the glass door divider that I paid 25 cents for at a yard sale last year, painting it white to match and made a photo collage out of it, I can add 3 frames per square if I wanted too! Grand total spent on paint and quilt, $60, I love it!! I smile every time I enter this room, hubby even likes it! :)

         With one room left to go, the progress on my sewing room is almost done! Still arranging things, decluttering and tying it all together, the fun part! I found some fun retro fabric yesterday that will make some cute valances so once I get those made and everything put away, I'll be sharing photos of this makeover too! And just in case you haven't signed up for my Apron book giveaway, scroll down to that post, you have till midnight tonight to get entered, I'll draw the winner in the morning! Good luck and happy slumber too!

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