Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mini Makeover Madness

               Have you ever had a notion and just wasn't sure about it, then, it's all you see? That's been my dilemma this last week. What started out as turning the grand kids playroom into a workout room, has turned into a 3 room make over marathon. The grands are getting older, don't come over as often as they used too and when they do, it was we could do to keep them in "their" room while we played cards, so since I already have a exercise bike ( in the shed) a stepper and a glider ( just given to me) I thought the space would make more sense as a work out room plus inspire me to work out more if all the equipment was set up. Now, don't fret, I'm creating a corner just for the kids, to color and create.  But once decided on this plan, a new color for the room quickly came to mind, a new room needs a new color, right?

      Then it happened. My two favorite colors were teasing me, seeing them on other blogs, in print and in crafty creations. And like a light bulb going off in my head, I knew what I had to do.  Re-do my craft room in red & blue, just like the sassy little pin keep I whipped up. Now keep in mind, all this make over madness must be done on the cheap, which put my brain in overdrive but it's all gonna work out! My craft room now is done in sage green and pink, so I'll take all things sage green and put them in the workout room, painting the walls a deeper sage green. I will paint what I can to rid the pink but some things will go to my grand daughters. This just leaves the cost of new paint, under $20 since I buy my paint from Walmart.

    Now onto the next room, the craft room and the new colors. Again, I should only have to buy paint, I can make new valances with the fabric I already have, and dig out my blue knick knacks and plates. And last but not least, our bedroom rounds out my third mini makeover. Just toning down the brown and replaces it with a antique white to go with the aqua blue theme. It's just one wall so it won't take long. I'm excited! I"m loving the challenge of less is more money wise and creating 3 new rooms for the price of paint! So, tag along, I will be blogging all about it, the first room starts this week!


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