Friday, January 14, 2011

VD Apron Swap Partners

         Ok girls, fire up those sewing machines, pick out your pretty fabrics and get busy creating a lovely Valentine Day themed apron, I've got us paired up and the emails will go out today so check your inbox! Just to remind you, my swaps are easy, just email your partner, get to know each other a little, get mailing info and find out if she would prefer a half or full apron, if it matters. This theme is Valentines day, the day of love so no color choice here, reds and pinks are on the menu this time.  Don't forget tuckin's, and they don't have to be pricey. Check out your local dollar store, mine has all kinds of goodies for Valentines day already, some ideas are chocolates, tea towels, hot beverages, kitchen goodies,etc. There is no limit, except for your budget, just make sure you have included a few nice goodies to go along with the apron you made. Shipping is set for the 1st of Feb. so we all have them in time for Valentines day. If for some reason you get behind and can't ship by the first, please notify your partner, sewing sisters are nice that way! I've also made a Flickr group "CP Apron Swaps" so when you've gotten yours or want to show off the one you made, just post it there. I'm so happy so many turned out for this fun swap, and I can't wait to see all the pretty aprons!


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