Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Days

          We finally got our first real snow of the winter, just the right amount, about 4 inches. Luckily, I didn't have to be anywhere so I had myself a totally domestic day, cleaned the house, did a little baking and finished  my lasted apron for my Etsy shop. I'm having too much fun playing with vintage patterns and making them my own,  SEW much fun!  Speaking of aprons, how is my Valentine apron swap coming along? Don't forget to post your aprons in my new Flickr group just for us, head over and look up CP Apron Swaps and join us.

      I just love snow days, don't you? Maybe I do because we don't get alot of snow here, maybe 2 or 3 good snows a winter, and never a whole lot at one time but no matter, the earth needs this moisture so bad, esp. for us, we had a extra dry summer and fall.  Adults see snow differently than kids do, we see the good in it, or we try too, kids just see the fun in it. Even shoveling the white wonder is a plus, if you think about it as exercise. I enjoy talking walks in it, looking for wild animal tracks or just shooting the beauty of it with my camera. I love the way it makes everything look clean and pure. And who can complain about the calm of it, the peaceful silence, not me! Life slows down for snow and I think that is why winter is meant to be relaxing, a break from the busy-ness of other seasons. It's also a time for home, comfort and cozy snow days inside,  catching up on all those postponed projects that you put off until winter! Guess what, it's winter, hurry up, Walmart has garden seeds out already!


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