Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Valentines Apron Swap

               I know, it's not even Christmas yet but apron makers always think ahead and it's time to think about my next apron swap, yep! Valentines day is only 7 weeks away! Between sewing time, shipping time and such, it is time to post and plan! This swap will work just like the fall and Christmas swaps, you will be assigned a apron partner where you will make a themed apron for each other, and include some sweet tuckins too since it is the day for love.  If you'd like to join us just leave a comment here with your email addy, I'll gather names and make a list. On Jan. 14th, I'll partner us up and notify you of your apron swapper,  you will in turn email each other for mailing info. and likes or dislikes. Shipping date is set for Feb.1.
     So, give your machine a little rest over the holidays and if you'd like to gain a Valentines apron, sign up on THIS post only before Jan. 14th, 2011. Hope to see those who joined me in the last two, as well as any newbies who missed out or ones who just love aprons, like us!


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