Friday, December 31, 2010

The New Journey Begins.....

           Simple is as simple was! It's just up to us to find it and live it! That's my goal for the New Year, no crash diets, no stressing myself out, just plain and honest "simple" ways.  I'm ready to start the journey. 2011 has promise, adventures, surprises and fun, all waiting for us to take in.  Sure, I need to lose weight, so I'll start by downsizing the dinner plates, going to a 9 inch dessert plate and eating better. Walking again is a must and staying creative not only exercises my mind but keeps me happy, the best medicine of all. I'll get my house in order with simple ideas for easy maintenance.  I"m eager.

     So, what will you see here in the new year, more aprons for sure, recipes each Tuesday at least and fellowship of the bloggy kind. I have so many things I want to do, first in line, our bedroom mini makeover! Currently it's aqua blue and brown, but I want to lighten it up by replacing the brown with a antique white and adding black accents.  It all makes sense in my mind so stayed tuned to see it come to life with before and after photos.  I'm also in dire need of a garden shed, this project will be on the cheap, we want to see if we can build one totally or near free, this should be interesting!

      So, I hope your up for another year of Country Pleasures, one thing won't EVER change, my love and faith in God makes everything possible and by his grace, I will survive it all!  Blessings for a wonderful New Year and thank you!


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