Monday, December 27, 2010

New Ways and a Winner

              The thrill is gone, Christmas is over and my thoughts are gearing up towards the New Year and new ways! As I pack up the holiday decorations and try to get the house back to some sort of normal, I"m finding my self eager to start re-organizing the whole house, one room at a time! I've been set in my old ways too long, and I've been given another chance at finding a place for everything and keeping it there! I don't know what is about a new year that throws me into this domestic drama but I'm excited about new ways to organize, decorate and store. Once the last Christmas tub is packed away, I'll start in the smallest room in the house so I don't get too overwhelmed, the bathroom. I can hardly wait! Really!

      And now for the real reason your here, to see who won my last giveaway of the year, a apron. picked..............Emily of Barefoot Coffee Girl! Congrats!! Send me a email with your mailing info. and I'll get your apron made and shipped to you by the weekend. It seems Emily is another Missouri blogger so not only do I save on shipping, I'm adding to her apron collection of 1. So, I'm happy you won Emily and can't wait to find out where you live! And don't forget, you have 2 weeks to sign up for the Valentine Apron swap, just scroll down to that post. Tomorrow is the last Tasty Tuesday for 2010!


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