Thursday, November 11, 2010

Apron Therapy

                  What is it about aprons? I'm happy to see them making a come back but did they ever really leave us? I'm drawn to the older ones, vintage fabric can catch my eye from a mile away! lol  I like to imagine the stories these aprons could tell, the tears they've wiped away or the hands that relied on them to get the baking done. Aprons are sure handy, appealing and some are down right stylish! But did you know they can be good therapy too! A facebook friend is battling cancer, she seen my aprons I have posted there and was inspired to sew one of her own, in breast cancer pink fabric and now is busy sewing up a storm in hopes of selling them to raise money for the next cancer walk. I'm thrilled, honored and on a quest to get a apron in every kitchen! Ok, that may be harder than I thought, but I can push my aprons till you get sick of seeing them, in hopes of inspiring more to sew!
      And if your in need of a little apron therapy of your own, you still have time to join us in my first annual Christmas apron swap, just scroll down to the pretty Christmas apron post and get signed up! Partners will be passed out on Monday, the 15th so you have plenty of time left! So, tie one on for me, for you and all those apron wearers before us! Aprons rule!


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