Sunday, October 17, 2010

My New Etsy Shop

            I've finally done it! Yep, I've opened up my brand new Etsy shop and I invite you to come and take a peek, let me know what you think, any hints or tips will be gladly accepted! I don't have much up yet, got more to photograph or resize I should say, but soon. Susie Simple will feature simple goods, at affordable prices with shipping as cheap as I can make it. I know when I'm shopping online, the shipping charges are sometimes as much as the product I'm ordering and I know it doesn't cost that much. My aprons will be the heart of my shop, I also barter and make custom clipboards to suit your needs. I'm not looking to get rich here, my goal with this shop is to keep me designing, learning more about the crafts I enjoy and to pocket a little mad money here and there to play with, this girl has a fabric and apron pattern addiction to support! So, comment away, you won't hurt my feelings, I can't improve my goods if I don't know how! Thanks for visiting Susie Simple!


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