Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cathy's Christmas Count Down

           Live, Love and Laugh is her motto but crafting is her passion! My good buddy Cathy from the blog of the same name is hosting a Christmas Craft Count down and  your invited to join in . You can read all about it and learn how you can get in on the monthly giveaways too over on her blog. But my part is sharing my project of the month right here. So, for September, which is next week, I'm working on Mommy and Daughter aprons sewn in Christmas fabrics, rick rack and lace!  These will be gifts but I hope to make extras for my new Etsy shop that I'm planning on opening next month too!  It may seem early to some, but to some, it's never early enough to get those Christmas gifts made and tucked away! So, come peek at Cathy's blog and get inspired!


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