Monday, July 05, 2010

House Guests- Pro or Con?

              Time flys when your having fun! Or family for a week! My sister and her kids are on a college hunting vacation so since they were only one state away, they headed here and spent 5 days with us, five fast days full of busyness and fun! Were alot alike, enjoy the same things and almost think alike, although she doesn't quite understand my "no tv" rule during a family gathering. Nothing irrates me more than trying to get the whole family together for the holidays or a birthday only to have them all sitting in front of the tv and not visiting with each other! Life is too short to waste it glued to the box! So, a couple of years ago, I had enough, I banned the tv at such events and made everyone sit around and visit! As they all get older and attend to their own lives and the events of school and such, it's becoming a challenge just to find the perfect day and time to get everyone here, so my "no tv" rule is still a joke among some but one day they will appreciate it and hopefully be glad of it! Now, I'm considering a "no cell phone" rule!

     We've had a wonderful week, catching up, visiting, shopping, even got some geocaching in and plenty of late nights playing cards, I need a vacation from my sister's vacation! But, the loss of sleep is nothing compared to the time spent together! I got to know my youngest niece a whole lot better, so maybe now I won't be sending nerdy gifts, bless her heart!  She's the future college student in the family!

      Back to normal today, cleaning up, gearing up and heading to bed early! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July as we did! I'm so very proud to be an American, and happy to have spent her birthday with family and  friends here at home!


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